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Benefits of the Farm

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Food is currently mostly produced on a corporate level. Food is being transported inter-continentally. The way that the food is being transported is energy intensive. With the way that the world produces and the way that we trade this has caused mass destruction to the planet. This is putting the ecosystem and human communities in danger.

It is believed that small scale sustainable agriculture can help not only the environment, but the community as well. These farmers help to produce renewable energy. Unlike larger farms the smaller ones are, for the most part, growing different crops, and also have livestock for their farms. These farms are more productive than the larger farms that grow only one crop, or raise one type of livestock. When communities are provided food from local farms the farms help in an economic way as well as with social development. The smaller farms could lead to better housing, education, and other local businesses that can thrive. Small scale sustainable agriculture is not only a benefit to the environment, but to the communities as well.