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Purchasing Seeds

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Purchasing Seeds

As has been seen, there is a law which prevents vegetable seeds of poor germination from being sold, but there is no law which stops a seedsman from selling a poor variety, or a type which is not suited to certain conditions. For this reason the utmost care has been taken in selecting varieties that are known to be of good flavor and to crop heavily. Unfortunately, many of them are synonymous. For this reason, as far as possible the name originally given to the variety is used, and this should be obtained from the seedsman who has specialized in its production.

It is well worth while taking the greatest care in selecting a seedsman for the supply of vegetable seeds. Generally speaking, it is a good thing to obtain the seed from a firm that has been established for a good many years and has a good reputation. Such firms usually have varieties of assured strains and of high vitality also. Only those who have been regularly to the official trials know to the full extent the possibilities of poor crops as the results of poor strains of seeds.

Some seeds last longer than others, but to get the best results it is safer to obtain the new seed from the seedsman every year. Celery seed for instance, may be kept for several years with success, but it will perhaps be more economical to purchase exactly the seed that is required in the particular year that to buy larger quantities and hope to save the seed over a long period.