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Pickled Tongues

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Pickled Tongues

A traditional cured, cooked and pickled meat product.

Curing Brine

  • (4 cups) 2 lbs. salt
  • (2 Tbs.) 1 oz. sodium nitrate or
  • (1/4 tsp.) 0.05 oz. sodium nitrite
  • (4 qts.) 1 gal. water

  • (Please read about Nitrates and Nitrites)

Wash, trim and cure tongues: Place the washed and trimmed tongues in enough curing brine to cover them. Curing will require 14 days at 40F. Remove from cure, wash, and cook until tender.

Tongues may be used in this state, or skinned and sliced, or left whole and packed in hot pickle: Pack the tongues in jars and cover with hot vinegar pickle of five percent strength (50 grain). Pickling spice, bay leaves, cloves or peppers may be added to the vinegar pickle if desired. After pickle has equalized for seven days, replace any vinegar which has been taken up.

Curing and Smoking