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Venison or Game Sausage

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Venison or Game Sausage

Venison is high quality, delicious and nutritious meat. Care should be used in handling venison just as you would any other meat. Most of the flavor in a meat product is in the fat; therefore, in making a breakfast type sausage using game meat, pork fat is used.


  • 25 lbs. lean venison or trimmings
  • 25 lbs. fat pork (jowls or fresh bellies)
  • (2 cups) 1 lb. salt
  • (15 Tbs.) 3 oz. black pepper
  • (5 Tbs.) 1 oz. ginger
  • (8 Tbs.) 1 oz. rubbed sage
  • (5 Tbs.) 1 oz. crushed red pepper (optional)
  • (5 Tbs.) 1 oz. ground red pepper (optional)

Cut lean venison and pork into small pieces, add spices and mix. Grind twice through 1/8-inch or 3/16-inch plate. Sausage may be stuffed, pattied, smoked or used in bulk form.

Curing and Smoking