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  • Welcome to Sheep 101. The purpose of Sheep 101 is to teach 4-H and FFA members, students, teachers, beginning shepherds, and the general public about sheep, their products, how they are raised, and their contributions to society. The site uses simple language and pictures to illustrate the various topics. To begin learning about sheep, click on a link in the menu bar or choose a topic from the drop down menu above.

  • About the author. The author of Sheep 101 is Susan Schoenian, Sheep & Goat Specialist at the University of Maryland's Western Maryland Research & Education Center. Susan has been with University of Maryland Extension since 1988. She raises Katahdin sheep on her small farm, called The Baalands, in Clear Spring, Maryland. Susan has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Animal Science degrees from Virginia Tech and Montana State University, respectively.

  • Susan Schoenian
    Sheep & Goat Specialist
    W. MD Research & Education Center
    University of Maryland Extension - (301) 432-2767 x343

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About Sheep
Basic Information: How Long Do Sheep Live?
Separating the Sheep from the Goats: What's the difference between sheep and goats? | Page 2
Sheep, lambs, ewes, rams and wethers: What's the difference between a sheep and a lamb?
In two shakes of a lambs tail: Why don't sheep have tails? | Page 2
Follow the Leader: Why do sheep follow each other?
Ouch: Why do rams butt?
Beauty adorns the ram with horns: Do all rams have horns?

Smart sheep: Are sheep stupid?

Kinds of Sheep
Counting Sheep: How many different kinds of sheep are there?
Sheep Breeds A-Z
     Sheep Breeds A-Ba
     Sheep Breeds Be-Br
     Sheep Breeds C
     Sheep Breeds D-F
     Sheep Breeds G-I
     Sheep Breeds J-L
     Sheep Breeds M-N
     Sheep Breeds O-P
     Sheep Breeds R
     Sheep Breeds S-Sp
     Sheep Breeds St-T
     Sheep Breeds U-Z

Baa Baa Black Sheep: Why are some sheep black?
Naked Sheep: What are hair sheep?

Raising Sheep
Dollars and cents: Can you make a living raising sheep?
Mary had a little lamb: How many babies do sheep usually have? | Page 2
A day in the life of a sheep: How are sheep raised? | Page 2
Dogs, Friends of Foes: How do dogs help shepherds take care of their sheep?
    Herding dogs
    Guardian dogs

You need a hair cut: How long does it take to shear a sheep?

Sheep Products
This little lamb went to market: What products do we get from sheep?
Fresh American Lamb, Meat Lovers Know: Why should you eat lamb?
    Special labeled lamb
Got milk? Do they really milk sheep?
Real men wear wool: How much wool does a sheep produce?
You need a hair cut: How long does it take to shear a sheep?
Hug a sheep: Why does wool keep us warm?
Science of the Lambs: What contributions have sheep made to science and medicine?

What Sheep Eat
Let's ruminate on it it: How many stomachs do sheep have?
What's for dinner?: What do sheep eat? | Page 2
To graze or not to graze: What impact does sheep grazing have on the environment?
Nature's weedeaters: Can sheep grazing benefit the environment?

The Wily Coyote: Do predators eat a lot of sheep?
To Protect and Serve: Will guardian dogs protect sheep from predators?
A Dog's Worst enemy: Can other animals be used as livestock guardians?
Flee, not fight: How do sheep protect themselves from predators?
Sheep Senses: What do sheep see, hear, and smell?

History and Interesting Facts About Sheep
Man's Best Friend: Do sheep make good pets?
In Sickness and Health: Can you get any diseases from sheep?
    Sheep Diseases: Worms and More Worms
Sheep in History: When were the first sheep brought to America?
Believe it or Not: Interesting and Fun Facts About Sheep
Celebrity Sheep: What ever happened to Dolly the Cloned Sheep?

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